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Bare Copper Wires & Strips

Bare Copper Wires & Strips

Bare Copper Wires and Strips are used for winding purposes, making different types of cables and for making bus bars by switchgear industry. efficiency of all electrical equipments depend upon the quality & purity of Bare conductor used therein. our bare copper wires & strips have minimum purity of 99.97% (ETP grade). Since Bare conductors are the core of any covered conductors, we take due care about the finish & quality of same.


Bare Copper Wires
Range 0.20 – 10 mm

Bare Copper Strips
Cross Section Area 2.5 – 90 Sq. mm
Minimum Width 3 mm
Maximum Width 25 mm
Minimum Thickness 1 mm
Maximum Thickness 6.5 mm