Flexible Copper Rope Manufacturers
Flexible Copper Ropes Bare & Insulated

Our Bare Flexible Copper Ropes are bunched copper wires of thickness ranging from 0.45 mm to 0.20 mm. As per our customers’ requirements, we can insulate Flexible Copper wires with combination of any covering out of Polyester film, Cotton, Fibre Glass, Kraft paper, Crepe paper & so on. No. of layers of Insulation & type of Insulation will depend on the dielectric strength, mechanical properties & thermal stability required. These are used in instrument transformers and power transformers due to their higher flexibility, efficiency and  ease in winding.  

Insulation class   C - 220 °C
Manufacturing Range   1 sq.mm to 600 sq.mm
Application   Instrument and Power Transformers
Properties   Higher Flexibility and Efficiency.
Hivoltage applications.   Minimum: 5KV Maximum : As per customer's requirements
Insulation thickness   Maximum : As per customer's requirement

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