Kamax Corporation estd 1965

Kamax Corporation estd 1965

Manufacturers OF D.P.C., D.C.C., Polyester, Aramid Paper, Polyimide, mica & Fibre Glass Covered Copper & Aluminium Wires & Strips, Copper Flexible Ropes

We are leading manufacturers of bare and kraft paper/crepe paper covered (DPC/MPC), cotton/fibre+ cotton covered (DCC/F+C), fibre glass covered varnish bonded (DGC), mica/Aramid paper/polyester film/Polyimide covered copper and aluminium wires and strips, flexible copper ropes insulated with kraft paper/crepe paper/polyester film/cotton/fibre glass, made in accordance with Indian and International standards.

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We are a prominent and reliable manufacturer and supplier of quality Aluminum & Copper wires and strips. We can offer these in various sizes, thickness, and dimensions to meet the exact demands of our clients.

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